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Fuxion Pressure Steamer

Steamers & Pressure Steamers

Fuxion pressure steamers offer healthy, light and quick cooking, preserving the nutritional value and taste of every ingredient: the ideal choice is pressure cooking. How? Foods do not come into contact with water, but only with its pressurised steam and cooking takes place at relatively low temperatures. Features that make the Fuxion pressure cooker also perfect for pasteurising, sterilising, defrosting, sous-vide cooking or regenerating.

The pressure steamer uses steam supplied at 5 to 15 pounds per square inch, or "psi". It is very similar to the old pressure cookers you may have grown up with as a child. You may remember it had the advantage of cooking meats and stews much quicker. They also tenderized tough grades of meat.

Pressure steamers have a door that locks down to seal in the steam and hold the higher pressure and associated higher condensing temperature in the cooking compartment.

These steamers have always been popular in large kitchens, schools and institutions.