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Moduline Banquet Hot Holding Cabinets

Hot Holding Cabinets

Moduline Banquet Hot Holding Cabinet is a critical step in the restaurant industry today, without timetables, with needs that can no longer be satisfied with fast cooking and the need to have a ready supply of food, to keep warm in the right way, respecting the sanitation regulations and without losing flavour, taste, appearance and palatability. Moduline Banquet Hot Holding Cabinet’s series of hot holding cabinets allow you to not only warm the food but control the food. Moduline Banquet Hot Holding Cabinets are the most advanced hot holding cabinets on the market today, and backed by the best warranty.

Moduline Banquet Hot Holding Cabinet's food warmers

Moduline Banquet Hot Holding Cabinet's food warmers are static food warmers that adopt a system of electronically controlled heating, given by a resistance that surrounds the outside of the cavity to ensure uniform and stable temperatures without damaging the product.