Middleby Acquires Firex Brand

It takes a leadership team to build a company but it takes an entire company to built a brand.  From sales to marketing, service to logistics, distributors to consultants, everyone at Firex built the brand and this week the efforts were rewarded to everyone when Firex was acquired by Middleby Corp.  To everyone, congratulations on a job well done.

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THC Extraction On A Grand Scale – Proc-X Firex High-P

Since 2010 Proc-X has been specializing in THC extraction.  The Proc-X Firex High-P vacuum vessels have been perfect for this application.  With certain features built in that no one else has, we make extraction easy.

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Meals on Wheels Better Fresh Project Powered by Proc-X Firex Vegetable Washers

Meals on Wheels Better Fresh Project Powered by Firex. The Meals on Wheels Better Fresh Project is powered by Firex LWD-2 vegetable washer.  The fruits and vegetables as it comes in from the fields are washed in the LWD-2, then sent to processing.  The Firex LWD-2 was installed in 2015 and to  date has no service calls.  What an ROI for Meals on Wheels. The LWD-2 is capable of washing 50 lbs of product every 2 to 6 minutes.

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